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Governor Holcomb has been shining a spotlight on Hoosier businesses that are helping in the fight against COVID-19.  Each week on the First Day, I’ve been shining the light on “individual” Hoosiers that are also doing incredible things for our healthcare workers.

16 yr. old NORAH HEMPSTEAD, 16 yr. old TOBIAS SCHAMBERGER, 14 yr. old CAITLYN HEMPSTEAD, 13 yr. old AMELIA SCHAMBERGER, 11 yr. old ZACHARY WILLIS, and 9 yr. old OLIVIA WILLIS have inspired people from all over the country to become #SWAGGers.

This group of family members created a non-profit to make isolation gowns for those healthcare workers on the front lines.  It’s called “SAFER WITH A GOWN“.

Norah:  “There’s a nationwide shortage of isolation gowns that keep doctors and nurses safe when they take care of patients who are sick with Coronavirus.  We’re providing people with a downloadable pattern which will allow them to make one of our homemade gowns, then send it to us or to a local clinic.

Where did they go once they had the idea?  Toby said “Our Uncle helped us figure out how to make the gowns because he knows professors in the Costume Dept. at Butler University who then created a downloadable pattern.”  Wendy Meaden, Megan Weigand and Deborah Jo Barrett at the BU Theatre Department jumped on board to help.

Caitlyn says you don’t have to necessarily know how to sew to help their cause! “Go to our website and share the information.  That helps a lot!”

These 6 young people are starting to get some national attention. The pattern has been downloaded over 1,500 times to date.

What’s the best part of creating “SAFER WITH A GOWN“?  Caitlyn says “Knowing I’m helping someone else.  Sometimes, we feel so helpless.  Most of us are stuck at home and don’t know what to do.   So this is a huge way that anyone can help someone else, fighting on the front lines.

Great job to this group of young people!  If you can sew…find all of the information HERE.