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DALLAS--It’s going to take some time for the economy to rebound from the coronavirus, says Dallas Mavericks owner and Indiana University graduate Mark Cuban.

“How will I decide? It’s very simple. When the scientists say it’s safe for my employees to come back to work, that’s when I’ll feel confident enough for them to go back to work,” says Cuban.

On Fox News Sunday, Cuban said if the NBA restarts their season, there will be no fans in the stands.

“Initially, we’ll play just for the TV cameras with essential personnel and players. I think that’s a great thing. We need things to cheer for. We need things to get excited about,” says Cuban.

They will not allow an audience in the arena until they have full confidence in the medicine.

In terms of the economy, Cuban said it will be a while before people are shopping and spending money like normal.

“People aren’t going to just venture outside. They’re not going to go to large gatherings. They’re not going to feel confident right off the bat. There’s going to be a lot of trepidation,” says Cuban.

Cuban believes innovative businesses will see their fruition because of the pandemic.

“If there’s one thing that sets this country apart from any other country in the world, it’s the fact that we’re a country of entrepreneurs. We’re creative. We’re innovative. We like to take risks and chances to create new businesses,” says Cuban.