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These are challenging times for the American liberal.

Somehow, someway, former Vice President Joe Biden climbed to the very top of the steaming pile of turd that was the collection of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Yep! Democrats looked at ole’ finger nippin’, hair sniffin’, “No Malarkey Joe” and said to themselves, “Really? This guy? Seriously? We’re screwed!”

Yes, just like Hillary Clinton before him, Joe Biden is the “best looking horse at the glue factory” candidate. If we were Democrats, we’d definitely be praying for COVID-19 to take us out before the November election.

Fortunately, we’re Republicans. As such, we delight in the daily buffoonery and unintentional comedic stylings of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. In fact, we celebrate it!

In that spirit, please enjoy…

#3: The “Poor Kids Are Just as Smart as Whitey!”  Incident

In which Befuddled Biden lifts up the minority community by talking down to the minority community.

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#1: The “Stand Up for Chuck!” Incident

In which Befuddled Biden tries out his televangelist skills and tells a paralyzed man to ‘get up and walk.’

Honorable Mention: The “You’re Gettin’ Nervous, Man!” Incident

In which Befuddled Biden aggressively mocks and intimidates an inquisitive reporter.

Yep! We’re definitely going to need ALL the popcorn for the Biden-Trump Presidential debates.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images