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President Trump on Monday said at a press conference that he might get involved in a public relations controversy that emerged in the Navy after an aircraft carrier commander was removed for sounding the alarm about a coronavirus outbreak on his ship in a leaked letter.

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly unwittingly added fuel to the controversy when he gave a surprise speech to sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt and called ousted Captain Brett Cozier “too naïve or too stupid” to be a commanding officer of a ship like this, according to Reuters.

Modly later issued an apology to the Navy and Crozier and said, “Let me be clear, I do not think Captain Brett Cozier is naive nor stupid. I think, and always believed him to be the opposite. We pick our carrier commanding officers with great care. Captain Crozier is smart and passionate.”

President Donald Trump told a press conference that he is good at “settling arguments.” Trump said Cozier  should have resisted sending the letter but he did not want to destroy “somebody for having a bad day,” the report said.

WIBC’s Tony Katz disagrees:

“When Captain Cozier was relieved of his command, those on his ship may have been sad, but I would argue it was the right thing to do. The chain of command matters. And the chain of command matters during a pandemic because if it doesn’t matter during a pandemic, then what’s all that damn training for?

“Now I was never mad at Captain Cozier, but I do believe that there is such a thing as the chain of command, there is a difference between right and wrong, and there are ways that these things should be handled. You wanna get peoples’ attention? That’s fine. But you sent out a letter to 30 people, unsecured, and you knew it was going to leak. You knew it was going to leak and it did. The chain of command matters.”

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