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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — An outbreak of coronavirus at a nursing home in Anderson.

Because of the outbreak, which started back in late March when three people tested positive for the virus, 11 people have died. State Health Commissioner Dr. Kris Box said on top of those people dying, three other workers at the nursing home have tested positive.

“This will not be the last outbreak of this kind,” Box said at Monday’s news conference with the governor. “These are our grandparents and our parents. These are our friends, our neighbors, our church relatives. They’re individuals that we care about and we want to protect. So please help us to do that.”

Box said residents who tested negative are not showing any symptoms of the virus are being relocated to a different facility. As of Monday, 30 people have the virus in Madison County, according to the numbers from the state health department.

Dr. Box warns this will not be the last outbreak of coronavirus we will see at a nursing home.