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Many of us are itching to get our lawns started. We are ready to groom and fertilize to get that perfect lawn ready for the season. However, you may want to hold fire.

Putting down Step One early won’t do your lawn much good, and if you’re planting new grass it may hurt it altogether. That’s why Pat’s tip of the week is all about waiting until mid-to-late April. We know you’re anxious to get going, but your lawn will thank you! In the words of Tom Petty, “The waiting is the hardest part.”

And now, here is Pat’s tip of the week:

Wait to put down Step One: Crabgrass Preventer

“If you could, wait until the middle or end of this month, rather than putting it down now. I know we are all looking for stuff to do, but I would rather you wait and put down Step One in the second or third week of April.”

He says grass will still be germinating until June, so there’s no need to rush.

“With a rainy spring you can still get crab grass germinating early into June. So, hold your fire on that (Step One!)”

So what can you do now? Well it is a perfect time to start planting grass seeds in areas where the lawn is a little bare.

“If you’re planting grass seed, do it now. The soil temps are up to where the grass is growing actively. However, in the areas where you are seeding, you can’t put Step One: Crabgrass Preventer on it because you could damage (the grass seeds.)”

What about putting Step Two: Weed Control down? Pat says to just stick with liquid spot killer for now.

“Step two is a weed killer, which does just that- it kills weeds-it’s not a weed preventer. Spreading weed killer over 100% of your lawn, to kill 5% of weeds doesn’t make sense. Instead, take liquid weed killer in a spray bottle and directly take care of the weeds when the come up.”

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