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Notable sociopath David Miscavige can proudly add another unsavory label to his reputation: Coronavirus Denier.

The controversial head of the Church of Scientology, famous for its association with couch-hopping heterosexual Tom Cruise, has declared the COVID-19 pandemic to be crisis ‘hysteria’ and ‘planetary bullbait.’

Also, Tom Cruise is not gay.

From the Daily Beast:

In a March 13 eyes-only memo to his estimated 25,000 to 55,000 members in the United States, Scientology leader David Miscavige called the international public-health crisis “the current hysteria, whether you believe in it or not (and the only thing you can be certain of is that it is hysteria)…”

Noted Scientology critic Tony Ortega, who posted Miscavige’s memo on his Underground Bunker website Tuesday morning, told The Daily Beast: “For the last 11 days, all Scientologists have been getting calls to come down and read it in person. They didn’t want to email it because they didn’t want anybody else to see it. It’s supposed to be secret, but I managed to get a copy.”

According to Daily Beast, Miscavige lamented in his memo that “our event hall in Clearwater has canceled all public events until at least April,” including “our annual Weekend of all Weekends.”

“They shut it down and he was very angry about it, so he put out that briefing that day,” Ortega said. “They’re trying to get people to come in. They’re saying you gotta stay with the courses and auditing, and they’re worrying about the money drying up. Scientology was not set up to be done over the internet. It really requires person-to-person contact.”

In other news, Tom Cruise is definitely not gay.

The Chicks on the Right have additional insight in today’s edition of Speedround.

And once again, we stress that Tom Cruise is very much not gay. Tom Cruise is straight and has sex with women – and not the kind of women who used to be men and transitioned to women later on. They’re full-blooded women – women who like to have sex with men who are definitely not gay. And get this: Tom doesn’t even have to pay them for it!

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