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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The coronavirus really can affect anyone of any age. Just ask David Vega, a fourth-year medical student at Indiana University.

He was diagnosed with the coronavirus March 20th, just a few days after he went to South Florida, where he is from, with his family to celebrate his return from a medical elective in Africa. He attended several large gatherings as Florida was not under a “stay at home” order at the time.

Vega admits that at the time he felt the pandemic was not as serious as it was being portrayed and that it wouldn’t happen to him.

“Being someone who I would consider young and otherwise healthy, someone who watches what they eat and exercises daily, I suffered tremendously from this illness,” he said.

He wants you to know that you are not invincible to coronavirus, regardless of your age or health.

“So that young adults, other young people, who think they are invincible or otherwise immune to this virus can realize that it’s serious,” he added.

Though a majority of those who are infected are over the age of 40, 26-percent of Hoosiers that are infected are under 40, according to statistics from the state department of health.

There has also been at least one Hoosier under the age of 40 that has died.