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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and the way our children go to school.  Is that bringing an increase in cyber attacks?  Former Senior Cyber Security Consultant NICK STURGEON manages Cyber.Now Podcasts says we are currently between “Cyber Alert and Cyber Alarmed”.

Nick says “There are people that are going to take advantage of the pandemic. we need to be on extra guard for those potential cyber attacks”.

What does he want you to know?   Most of us don’t pay attention to our home networks as we should.   “Cyber Hygiene at home is something I’ve been preaching for a long time.  Be Aware – Know what the risks are.  There are a ton of Phishing emails are going out right now.  Take extra time reading those emails. STOP THINK CONNECT.

Companies of all sizes, could experience cyber attacks.  Mom & Pops need to be ready too.

Could the Internet crash because of so many online right now?  Nick says “There is obviously an increase in band width usage right now.  If you’ve got a house full of people connecting all at the same time, it can have a serious impact with bandwidth in your home.  Upgrading your WIFI Router, Boosters or Extenders will help with your slow computer“.

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