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STATE WIDE–If you bought a ticket to a concert or sporting event and that event was canceled, you have the right to a refund, says Indiana Atty. Gen. Curtis Hill. He says his office has gotten complaints about scams and will investigate to make sure people are not being cheated or taken advantage of, during the coronavirus pandemic.

“If there’s problems with that, contact our office. We’ll do what we can to help,” said Hill. He said the same goes for airline tickets.

“Our travel situation right now is very sporadic. If you have made travel arrangements, and you are one of the untold numbers of people who had your flight canceled, you’re entitled to a refund,” he said.

Hill said the first step to get a refund is to talk to the airline or the concert or sports venue. If they are unwilling to comply, you can complain to his office by contacting

Hill said more scams are being discovered and investigated as the pandemic continues. One of the latest is an attempt to get people to buy an at home coronavirus test. There are no at home tests approved by the FDA and all testing must be done only with a doctor’s order.

Because conditions are constantly changing regarding the availability of testing and decisions about who qualifies, Hoosiers should keep up with the latest information by consulting credible sources, said Hill in a news release.

Hill said another type of fraud is the fak work from home scheme.

“Fraudsters have long tried to make money by offering bogus work-from-home opportunities,” said Hill. “Typically, these scammers lure would-be victims to spend money up front by falsely promising future earnings.”

The Federal Trade Commission reports that many fraudsters are currently using illegal robocalls to make such pitches. Work-from-home scams might also come via emails, websites or print publications. Learn more at the FTC website.

“Obviously, people are particularly susceptible to these kinds of tactics during the current health crisis,” said Hill, “when many individuals are already staying home and sometimes facing layoffs or job uncertainties.”

Hill said if you get one of those robocalls, hang up.


Common “opportunities” supposedly available include starting an internet business, stuffing envelopes, craftwork, rebate processing, medical billing, undercover shopping/dining, or illegitimate multilevel marketing.