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Reporters for the mainstream liberal press are a fascinating and inquisitive bunch.

Born at an early age and raised on wholesome, American non-dairy formula, the mainstream reporter is a character of curiosity. He or she ruthlessly questions all day long, never pausing to listen for a response and convert the pleasing auditory tones of an answer to the inquiry into knowledge.

The poor soul who will be damned to a lifetime career in the reporting arts is easy to identify in early childhood. He or she is the young child who from sunup to sundown has but one question for mommy or daddy: “Why?”

You cannot answer the child who asks “Why?” For it will only lead to their next interrogatory verbal attack: “Why?”

As the parent of a child who is damned to a future in the mainstream press, you soon discover you have but one option and one option only: Do your best to get pregnant again and hope the previous child changes his name and winds up working the graveyard shift at some low power news station in Canada.

Sadly, not all parents of mainstream reporters are blessed with such good fortune, and their little black sheep of the family winds up in the steaming pile of horse dung that is the White House press pool.

Such was the case with this unnamed “journalist” who asked President Donald Trump a question Wednesday about the Coronavirus pandemic that will undoubtedly garner a nomination for “Most Horrifically Stupid and Politically-Divisive Question of 2020.”

The question: “How many deaths are acceptable?”

Enjoy the horror of this vile and disgusting question in full living color by clicking the video below.

Moral takeaway: Everyone has a right to pursue a career in what used to be called “journalism,” but not everyone deserves a White House Press Pass.

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