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Let’s just cut to the chase, y’all: Joe Biden is a mess. He can’t talk, he can’t remember things, and he frequently forgets what state he’s in.

Meme mocking former Vice President Joe Biden's poor memory.

And we’ve now learned that the former Vice President can’t even remember to follow simple protocol to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

CNN’s Jake Tapper admonished Biden in a Tuesday interview for failing to cough into his elbow, instructing the 2020 Democratic front-runner on the recommended way to avoid spreading his creepy Biden germs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden loudly coughed into his hand not long after the interview from his home in Delaware began.

“You know, you’re supposed to cough into your elbow. I don’t know, sir. I learned that, actually, while covering your White House,” Tapper said.

“No, actually — actually that’s true, but fortunately I’m alone in my home. But that’s OK. I agree, you’re right,” Biden replied.

“It’s kind of old school to do it into your hand. Do it into your elbow, you’re supposed to do it,” Tapper reiterated.

Here it is in its glory:

At any rate, Joe Biden is an older gentleman and needs to take care of himself. We recommend he remain in isolation until November 23 at the earliest.

Screen Capture: