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STATEWIDE-Volunteers at food pantries are needed all over the state, says the Indiana Family Social and Social Services Administration.

Pantries are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. Jennifer Sullivan, secretary of the Indiana Family Social Services Administration, says some have even closed their doors.

“Most food pantries rely on a volunteer workforce with many of those volunteers over the age of 60. Understandably and thankfully, many older Hoosiers and others with health challenges are choosing to stay home to protect themselves,” Sullivan said Tuesday morning.

Sullivan says consistent access to nutritious food is the number one health challenge many Hoosiers face.

“If you’re not over the age of 60 and are healthy, we need two things from you. 1.) If you are affiliated with or operate a food pantry, we need you to do everything possible to stay open. 2.) If you can help out, please call 211 and ask for a list of nearby food pantries where you could serve,” Sullivan said.

She says you can also call 211 if you are having trouble getting food. Sullivan says those in Marion County can also use the Community Compass app on a smartphone.