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WASHINGTON — Your former governor is pressing ahead as he leads a White House task force to respond to the coronavirus.

Pence told Sean Hannity on Fox News on Monday he was disappointed that a bill to put money directly in the hands of the American people did not pass the Senate over the weekend. But, he said he’s optimistic lawmakers will reconcile.

“We’re still hopeful that maybe before the day is out Tuesday we will see Republicans and Democrats pass a bill,” he said. “It provides immediate financial assistance. The average family of four would receive a direct payment of $3,000 to help weather the storm.”

In the meantime, he said more and more Americans are being tested every day.

“A week ago the total number of tests that had been reported back to the CDC was 53,000,” Pence added. “Seven days later we are at 313,000 tests that have been done, completed.”

33,404 Americas have been infected with the coronavirus to date. Nearly half of those cases are in New York. In Indiana, the state health department’s latest numbers show 259 cases. Seven people have died.

Pence said his task force has given the green light for the FDA to fast track the process of approving the use of a drug normally used to treat malaria for the treatment of coronavirus. President Trump said last week testing of the hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 has been fruitful.

“As we make the chloroquine available for Americans and other medications, we’re going to study it,” said Pence. “But, that’s not going to get in the way of making it available. Doctors will be able to prescribe it.”

Indiana is under a “stay at home” order from Gov. Eric Holcomb, meaning you should not be out and about unless you absolutely have to be for the next two weeks starting at midnight tonight.