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Toilet paper is flying off the shelf, but so are guns and ammo!  Gun shops around the country say that they’re seeing record numbers of customers over the last few weeks.  Online stores are having trouble keeping up!  In some parts of the country, customers say that customers are buying guns and ammo “to get ready for the chaos related to the Coronavirus pandemic“.

JOE MONTGOMERY, Co-owner of 500 Guns in Speedway says he’s seeing the same thing, “We’ve certainly been busy!  We didn’t anticipate the amount of people we have coming in here.  People are a little fearful to be honest.  We saw this with 9/11 and it will go away eventually in a week or two“.

A lot of first time buyers? “YES and it’s a little scary” Joe said.  “We have people buying guns that don’t know what they’re buying, and they have no experience and it’s troublesome.”

He started seeing the uptick in sales last Monday.  Ammo sales?  “Ammo sale are out of site!  We can’t keep it in stock.

Who are buying the guns?  Joe says, “It seems like it’s the middle age crowd that’s buying the guns.   A lot of ladies, and not so many older adults.

Long lines at many gun stores around the country and store owners say they feel a little panic in the air.  Joe said he doesn’t feel “panic”, but definitely “concern” among his customers.