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STATEWIDE — You have it all planned out: the dress, the venue, the date, and the invitations are all sent. But what if the date of your big day is during the coronavirus outbreak?

Jean Rivers, the owner of Blue Llama Events, says you have a few different options.

“What I would first do, contact your wedding planner or contact your venue and ask them what their policy is about cancellation and postponement.”

Rivers said sometimes venues will only let you postpone if there’s a mandate, and that there’s a big difference between what the CDC recommends, and the state or federal mandate. She says right now Indiana has a mandate for events not over 50 people.

Some venues in Indy are letting you choose a new date, but before you choose she suggests checking with your other vendors first to see if they are also available on that date. She also suggests protecting your investments.

“I think the best thing to do is to get insurance,” said Rivers. “Weddings are very expensive.”

She says you can go online and find cancellation insurance for your wedding for cheap.

Another option you have is moving your reception and having a small ceremony. Rivers said she had a wedding planned for the end of March. They decided to move the reception to the end of November, and get a group of 30 people on the original date for a small wedding ceremony.

The final option is canceling your wedding, but Rivers says that it could mean losing deposits, so before you make any decisions protect your investments, make solid decisions and work with your wedding or event planner.

“In the end, you are still going to get married, whether its March or April, or if it’s later this year, or it’s 2021.”