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INDIANAPOLIS — Coronavirus has impacted everything, including prices at the pumps.

The average price of gas in Indiana is $1.96 — about 15 cents lower than last week at this time. Patrick DeHaan with says prices in the Hoosier state, and across the country, will continue to fall.

“We all thought $1.99 was good,” DeHaan said. “Then $1.89 was good, but now we’re seeing some areas falling from $1.79, or $1.69, and now we’re closing in on $1.59.”

It’s all because the demand for oil continues to fall as well.

“Schools are closing, restaurants are closing, bars are closing, so there’s less reason to drive,” DeHaan said. “And we have quite a ways to go here. Unless the (coronavirus) situation turns itself around quickly, I think even lower gas prices are still coming.”

DeHaan says if the situation gets worse, and people have to stay in for the next month, it will have a big effect on gas prices past that.

“We’re talking about a tremendous, tremendous drop in oil demand,” he said. “Something we’ve never seen before.”

DeHaan believes gas prices could stay well below average into the summer, with some places around the U.S. seeing gas prices below $1.

He advises you to “shop around.” Just because the closest gas station, or your favorite, is selling it for $1.99 and you think it’s a good idea, there might be another station down the road selling gas for cheaper.