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The Hammer and Nigel show is a program of integrity and elegance, crafted daily from scratch for the benefit of all mankind. Yes, it is a program of nobility, a voice of reason in these uncertain times.

Recognized as prestigious leaders in their community, hosts Jason Hammer and Nigel Lebora… Lebowski… Lorazepam… Lewis? Screw it.

Recognized as prestigious leaders in their community, Jason Hammer and the other guy are persons of moral character who are proud to serve as our country’s finest role models for the youth of today.

Thus, when we open the phone lines to our listeners and one of you drops an “F” bomb, “S” bomb, or calls Rob Kendall a “homo,” it jeopardizes Hammer and Nigel’s triple-A rating with the “American Council for Christian Values and Other Things.”

Friday afternoon, Hammer and Nigel did indeed open the phones to their listeners. Gert called. Gert said bulls***. Gert F***ed it up for everybody.

Swell job, Gert! Now we’ll NEVER get Joel Osteen as a guest on our show.

Well, what’s done is done. And since we have the full, unedited audio of Gert’s show-ending call, we might as well share it with others.

Click below for enjoyable listening.

Photo: Maksim Kamyshanskii/Getty Images