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INDIANAPOLIS — Half a century, and some change, in prison for a man convicted of murder in Indianapolis.

Antonio Jones is going away for 58 years in prison. He was found guilty of killing Roberto Cisneros on the southeast side of the city back in August of 2018. Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears says it was a dispute between Jones’ mother and Cisneros that led to the shooting.

“Far too often we see young people using senseless gun violence to resolve minor conflicts,” Prosecutor Mears stated. “We must devote our collective resources to addressing the underlying issues that lead to this violence.”

He says when the argument escalated in while sitting in a car, Jones pulled out an “AR-style weapon” and shot Cisneros. Cisneros was able to escape the car but collapse in the front yard of a house where the car was parked.

Jones and his mother fled the scene, but officers were able to track Jones down and arrest him.