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Little Mikey Bloomberg has withdrawn from the 2020 presidential race. Yes, the ‘little billionaire that could’ really couldn’t after all.

And talk about a waste of money! Midget Mikey spent nearly half a billion dollars to lose the race for president. Cory Booker was able to secure a loss for a fraction of that! Who looks stupid now, short stuff?

What was it that voters disliked about Mike?

Was it his demeaning comments about farmers?

Was it his unwavering support of “Stop and Frisk” and his derogatory comments about black people?

Was it the time that ‘Bloomberg the Elite’  insisted it’s not practical to put incinerators in wealthy areas?

Yes! Yes, it was!

Also, there was this:


Not hip. Not hip at all.

So, after suffering a massive defeat on Super Tuesday, little Mikey Bloomberg withdrew from the race and announced he would be endorsing senile Joe Biden!

Before Mike officially departs, however, Hammer and Nigel have assembled a stirring and emotionally-poignant tribute to the man who wasted the most money in the shortest amount of time running for President in 2020: Michael Bloomberg.

(Photo: Mario Tama / Staff / Getty Images)