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Do you golf? No?!?! Well, it looks like you’re going to be taking a dirt nap much sooner than expected. Congratulations!

A new survey found that playing golf at least once a month can lower older adults’ risk of premature death, according to the Zeenat Qureshi Stroke Institute

Disclaimer: Unless, of course, you get hit in the head with a golf ball, suffer heatstroke on the 9th hole, or have dirt on the Clintons.
As it turns out, golf is actually one of the more highly-recommended physical activities for aging adults.
“The intensity level of the activity is such that it can be maintained for a longer period of time, and it’s something that maintains the interest of the individuals so people can continue it on a regular basis,” said Dr. Adnan Qureshi, a neurology professor at the University of Missouri who led the study.
“To test whether regularly playing golf reduced the risk of heart attack, stroke and/or death among senior adults, the researchers analyzed data from the Cardiovascular Health Study, a study of risk factors for heart disease and stroke in adults 65 or older.
From 1989 to 1999, participantshad yearly clinical exams and visits every six months. Once the visits ended, participants were contacted to determine whether they’d had a heart attack or stroke.
Some 384 people out of nearly 5,900 participants regularly played golf, which the study defined as playing it at least once per month.
In the follow-up period, there was no difference in the rates of heart attack or stroke among regular golf players, so golfing wasn’t found to be a protective factor against stroke and heart attack incident specifically.
However, when comparing death rates among golfers and non-golfers, researchers found that golfers had a more than 8% lower death rate (from all causes) than non-golfers.
So there it is! You’re still going to have a massive stroke, but if you golf, you’ll survive in an assisted care facility for MUCH longer. Won’t that be fun?
And there’s anecdotal evidence to support this theory that golfers live longer as well. For example, O.J. Simpson plays golf all the time. Conversely, Nicole Brown never picked up a club in her life.
Side Note: While the study specifically targeted traditional golf, you gotta assume that regular rounds of miniature golf would be good for you too, right?
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