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Republicans raised over $86 million toward campaign efforts to reelect President Donald Trump in the month of February, according to the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced on Monday.

The RNC and the Trump campaign have raised more than $607 million since last year and have $225 million cash on hand, The Hill reported Monday, adding that February was the best month for digital fundraising since 2016.

“We gained a large number of small-dollar donors last month and folks are really fired up,” Indiana RNC Spokesperson Michael Joyce told the Hammer and Nigel Show Monday. “Republicans watched as the Democrat party moved further and further to the left, continued their vendetta against President Trump, and that has conservatives more motivated than ever to vote for Republicans up and down the ballot.”

Joyce said the RNC has logged over one million new small-dollar donors in February alone.

“It really shows the extraordinary level of grassroots support the President has in Indiana and around the country as well,” said Joyce. “People really like the ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept,’ this is one of the hottest economies we’ve had in several decades, and the voters are supporting him for that reason.”

But Republicans and small-dollar donors aren’t the only ones responsible for February’s RNC fundraising surge, according to Joyce.

“We’ve seen a lot of voters angered by the Democrats’ political vendetta,” Joyce explained. “Basically, every time the Democrats attack the President and attempt to undo the extraordinary progress of the last four years, we see an uptick in support from non-Republicans.”

He continued: “Bernie Sanders was right when he said what used to be considered far left and extreme is now the mainstream of the Democrat party. So when we talk about a $93 trillion Green New Deal, a government takeover of healthcare, that’s horrifying to Hoosiers and Americans around the country. You don’t have to be a mathematician like Andrew Yang to look at the policies being proposed and understand that your taxes are going to go through the roof to pay for those things.”

Joyce also weighed in on the recent dropouts from the Democrats’ race for President. Click the link below to hear Hammer and Nigel’s full interview with RNC Spokesperson Michael Joyce.

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