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LA CROSSE, Ind.–It’s a basketball gym that’s been around since 1949, but lately, the concern has been that the gym may undergo some kind of change.

The Tiger Den gymnasium is not going anywhere. Tri-County Township Superintendent Kelly Shepherd confirmed that to the Northwest Indiana Times.

Shepherd has been considering closing La Crosse High School and moving to a new building in Wanatah with the hope of growing enrollment, saving money, and improving the learning environment.

That proposed change has caused many people who live nearby to wonder what would happen to the Tiger Den.

“There’s no discussion about doing anything with this gym,” Shepherd told the Times. “It’s too iconic. It’s too ingrained into what we do and who we are.”

The population of La Crosse is about 530 people, but the gym regularly reaches its maximum capacity (850 people).

The first game was played there November 15, 1949.