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A Tennessee man with modestly-sized genitalia locked himself inside a tanning room at a public gym in South Nashville Wednesday.

Suspect Daniel Reiff is alleged to have trespassed multiple times over the last week at a Planet Fitness before he returned completely nude on Wednesday afternoon for the grand finale of his perverse exploits.

An arrest warrant states Daniel Reiff was not wearing any clothing when he entered the 24-hour gym on Murfreesboro Pike near Una Antioch Pike. The report explains the 29-year-old walked past the front counter, then went into the tanning room, where he locked himself inside.

When investigators questioned Reiff, he told police he was informed it was a “judgment-free zone.”

Reiff later claimed his pants had ripped several blocks away, at which point he decided to go to the gym.

Fact possibly relevant to the case: Reiff was apparently quite drunk at the time.

Jason Hammer and Program Director David Wood talk naked exploits in the clip below.

(Photo: Xandros/Getty Images)