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Deepest apologies to you, Purdue President Mitch Daniels, but the “I.U. Sucks!” chant will not be silenced!

Yes, we the fine, law-abiding citizens of the state of Indiana – many of us I.U. grads – shall shout out the suckery of Indiana University’s athletic teams until the day that our voices are silenced in death by our heavenly creator (or the coronavirus). And incidentally, God thinks I.U. sucks as well!

Twas not so long ago that Purdue President Mitch Daniels and Purdue Coach Matt Painter made a gallant and ill-advised attempt to silence free speech and oppress the world of college athletics by issuing a proclamation that declared the “I.U. Sucks” chant was disrespectful, not very nice, and potentially racist.

Ah, but this is the era of Donald J. Trump, and politically-correct taunts are no longer where it be at, Mitchy D!

Thus, Thursday night, February 27th in the two-thousand-twentieth year of our Lord, the historically-significant “I.U. Sucks” chant returned to Mackey Arena in all of its venomous, spittle-infused glory!

From IndyStar:

In October, Purdue president Mitch Daniels said the controversial “IU sucks” chant would be no more at Mackey Arena.

“It needs to go and it is going,” Daniels told the IndyStar. “Let’s just say it was tired. And whether you thought it was swell or troublesome, it’s a good time to rotate to something else.”

There were no IU sucks chants early in the season, but during Purdue’s seventh straight victory over IU on Thursday, the infamous chant rang out loud and clear through Mackey.

The lesson: Stay in your lane, Mitch, our we’ll start chanting that you suck as well!

Now then, enjoy this hand-crafted segment from the Hammer and Nigel show, featuring legendary Program Director David Wood – the “Mitch Daniels” of WIBC.

Photo: Michael Hickey / Contributor / Getty Images