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In 2016, the state of Georgia surpassed California as the number one location for the production of feature films, with 17 of the top 100 grossing movies filmed there that year.

It all adds up to big money for Georgia-based workers and businesses.

In fiscal year 2019, film and television production had an economic impact in Georgia of $9.5 billion from a total of 455 productions shot in the state.

Indiana legislators say the Hoosier state should learn from Georgia and help graduates from several top media schools find jobs in the entertainment industry without moving to other states.

38 states offer some type of film tax incentive to lure Hollywood productions away from California. Indiana Senate Bill 262, which was unanimously passed in the Indiana Senate this week, would add the Hoosier state to that list.

SB262 would allow the newly-established Indiana Destination Development Corp. (IDDC) to create a film and media incentive program to help bring more media production to Indiana. The bill pushes the IDDC to work with the Office of Management and Budget to provide a report detailing incentives offered in other states and provide a recommendation on the type of incentives Indiana should offer.

Thursday morning, WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with lobbyist and prominent Republican Tony Samuel about the current status of Senate Bill 262 and how Indiana’s economy will benefit from its passage. Click below to hear that interview in full.