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Former Yankees manager Joe Girardi has changed his tune on the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, telling ESPN Wednesday that he now believes there won’t be a deterrent for players to stop the practice as long as MLB fails to punish them for cheating.

“There’s some people that lost their jobs that really were the people that had to pay for it, but there were a lot more people involved,” the current Phillies skipper told the “Golic and Wingo Show.”

“The financial gains for the players are substantial if they have big seasons because of this. So if there’s no punishment for them, I’m not sure that it stops.”

Girardi was fired five days after the Yankees’ Game 7 loss to the Astros in 2017. In that series, the Astros won every game at Minute Maid Park, where their electronic sign-stealing system was housed, including in the postseason. Girardi was out of baseball until being hired to manage the Phillies this year.

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