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INDIANAPOLIS — They are tired of waiting on the city to take action, so faith leaders from across the Indianapolis area came together over the weekend to discuss how they can help the effort to stop violent crime from happening in Indianapolis.

Last week, four people were shot and killed inside an apartment complex on the city’s east side. The shooter(s) is still on the loose.

That shooting seems to have been a tipping point for Rev. Charles Harrison of Barnes United Methodist Church. He is the leader of Indy’s Ten Point Coalition, a faith-based organization that uses ordinary citizens to patrol problem neighborhoods to help prevent violent crime.

“As a community, not waiting on the city to do it, we have to do our part so let’s start doing it now,” Harrison said to WISH-TV at a gathering at his church. “It’s going to take all of us. We can no longer be numb about the violence. We all have to care.”

His colleague, Rev. Kevin Mallory said one thing that was brought up at the meeting was the lack of cooperation between the regular citizens and law enforcement.

“You have the code of the streets. You know, don’t snitch. Snitches get stitches. You know, don’t tell,” he said. “So a lot of things they go unnoticed or unseen.”

The Fraternal Order of Police, Indianapolis City-County councilors and other community groups will be announcing details of a citizen-driven public safety initiative at noon Monday at City Market.