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DES MOINES — All the votes have been counted, but they will be counted again. 

“We’ve received two requests for limited scope recanvass from the Sanders and Buttigieg campaigns for a total of 143 unique precincts,” said Iowa Democrat Party chairman Troy Price. “We remain committed to bringing the 2020 Iowa Caucus to completion.” 

The National Democrat Party had also desired a recanvass of the results after the party bungled the Iowa Caucuses thanks to technical glitches with the app used to count votes. 

The results took nearly three days to be completely counted with Pete Buttigieg just barely edging out Bernie Sanders by a tenth of a percentage point. In spite of the closeness of the results both campaigns declared victory.

“It is safe to say this is not the caucus that the hundred of thousands Iowa Democrats deserved,” Price continued. “As I said a week ago, I apologize deeply for this.”

As the recanvass will progress, all the presidential candidates are in New Hampshire now where the nation’s first official primary vote will take place today. Republicans, as well as Democrats, will be heading to the polls. President Trump held a rally in Manchester, N.H. where he mocked Democrats for how the Iowa Caucuses were handled.

“Nobody knows who won,” Trump said to the crowd of supporters. “Actually, I think they are trying to take it away from Bernie again. They’re doing it to you again, Bernie! They’re doing it to you again.”

Sanders and Buttigieg have distanced themselves in from the rest of the field in the latest polling data. Sanders leads Buttigieg by six-percentage points in the latest Boston Globe-Suffolk poll. Ten percentage points separate second-place Buttigieg and third place Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


(PHOTO: Joseph Prezioso/Getty Images)