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(Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images)

James Carville says he’s “scared to death” of the 2020 election.

In a rant on MSNBC that went viral last week, the longtime Democratic strategist unloaded his party’s prospects for beating Donald Trump in November, railing against the Democrats’ hardcore shift to the far-left in recent years.

“The polling averages have not been very good the last 10 days,” said Carville. “And I’ve seen some pretty good polls that show enthusiasm among Democrats is not as high as we would like it. So there’s something as people are watching this process that is concerning.”

“It matters who the candidate is, it matters what a party chooses to talk about!” Carville continued. “I’m 75 years old. Why am I here doing this? Because I am scared to death, that’s why! Let’s get relevant here, people, for sure.”

Carville took particular aim at Sen. Bernie Sanders, who he fears could lead the party to defeat in November.

“Well, I’ll get behind him. I have no choice,” Carville replied when asked if he would support Sanders should he clinch the nomination. “But look at the British Labour Party. We’re like talking about people voting from jail cells. We’re talking about not having a border. I mean, come on, people.”

The long-time Democratic strategist’s comments followed a chaotic Iowa Democratic caucus that featured delayed vote results due to a faulty app.

Carville’s comments quickly veered off into the bizarre as he spoke of the Democratic party in language that evoked imagery of a cult.

“Eighteen percent of the population controls 52 Senate seats,” said Carville. We’ve got to be a majoritarian party. The urban core is not gonna get it done. What we need is power! Do you understand? That’s what this is about.”

Ironically, angry Progressives and liberal media outlets have formed a habit of belittling supporters of President Donald Trump by branding them a ‘cult.’ WIBC host Tony Katz argues, however, that there is a difference between a cult and finally feeling like you belong somewhere. 

“Nothing about what we are seeing on the ground at these rallies is about a cult. It is about people – many of them for the first time in their lives – feeling comfortable around people like them and knowing that people like them exist. 

“I lived in Los Angeles and was part of a group focused on Hollywood Conservatives – people who have no ability to say what they believe because if the people in Hollywood find out, they’ll never work again. The modern-day Hollywood blacklist is very real. While Hollywood liberals talk about diversity, they mean diversity of color and gender, not thought. And thought is the only kind of diversity that matters. What does it matter what color you are if you’re only allowed to have one thought? What you see at these events is the same thing I saw at the Trump hotel during the State of the Union: people who support the President, support the Second Amendment, have pride in their country and their religious beliefs, and they don’t have to hide it. They’re comfortable being among others who share their values.” 

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