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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire–On the day of the New Hampshire primary election, both former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), spoke briefly about former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has consistently polled second in New Hampshire.

Speaking with WIBC’s Tony Katz in Manchester, Graham said he likes “Mayor Pete”, but doesn’t believe he has what it takes to defeat Pres. Trump in a general election.

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“I like Pres. Trump’s chances against any Democrat, but I will say I’m incredibly impressed with Mayor Pete,” said Graham. “He’s very articulate, has a centrist streak on national security, which I like. But, at the end of the day Pres. Trump’s record of accomplishment is gonna overwhelm any Democrat.”

Graham was also asked about how he feels about Buttigieg’s faith, to which the former mayor has frequently referred in his campaign.

“I don’t question anybody’s faith,” he said. “If you’re a social conservative, I think you’d be pleased with Pres. Trump as president. From my point of view the policies of this president have been very pro-family and he’s gonna win because he’s been a good president fiscally, socially and national security-wise.”

The former vice president was asked about what he thinks of Buttigieg, after running an attack ad.

“I like Pete Buttigieg. He’s a good man,” Biden responded to Katz’s request, “Tell Indiana why you don’t like Pete Buttigieg!”

He did not answer why he ran the ad.

Tony Katz contributed to this story.

PHOTO: Tony Katz/Emmis