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INDIANAPOLIS — How much snow will you get Wednesday through Thursday? It all depends on where you live. 

The majority of northern Indiana will see 3-6 inches of snow by Thursday afternoon. The majority of southern Indiana will see mostly rain on Wednesday afternoon and evening, with a chance of flooding. 

However, the total amounts in central Indiana will vary, says WISH-TV Meteorologist Marcus Bailey. He’s using I-70 as a good dividing line. 

“We’re looking at 1-3 inches of snow along I-70,” Bailey said. “But there could be a big difference, and a sharp dropoff, of who gets snow.”

“Northern parts of Johnson County and Morgan County may see mainly rain (on Wednesday afternoon and evening), but if you get up to the north side of Indianapolis or into Hamilton County or Boone County, they could be seeing all snow (Wednesday afternoon and evening).”

Bailey says no matter where you live in the state, and what type of precipitation or how much you get, all Hoosiers will be under the same blanket on Thursday afternoon into Thursday night — very cold temperatures.

“Temperatures will gradually fall throughout the day, likely into the 20s by mid-afternoon,” Bailey said. “And then you’re going to have numbers in the single digits Thursday night and into Friday morning.”

He says most of the state will see wind chills on Friday morning at, or below, zero.

(PHOTO: Thinkstock/Michael Shake)