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Photo: Getty Images. Yuri Smityuk.


ATTENTION! Valentine’s Day is this Friday, in case anyone needed a gentle reminder. If you haven’t already ordered your flowers or maybe you’re on a budget, the local grocery store is a great place to pick up a last minute bouquet. To help you get the best bang for your buck, here are our top tips when picking out store bought flowers.


  1. Stop and take a minute.

It’s easy to just walk up to a case full of flowers and grab the biggest bunch. However, it’s worth the extra few seconds to give the bouquet a “once over.” Double check for any brown, dried, or wrinkled petals. It’s easy to miss, especially if they are buried in the bunch. Half the petals falling off the bouquet is the last thing you want when handing flowers to your sweetie.


  1. Check the stems.

In addition to checking the overall look and quality of the petals, the stems are also good to check. Stems that are limp or leaves that are mushy and slimy can be an indicator that the flowers aren’t very hardy. Plus, flowers with sturdier stems will hold water much better.


  1. Get a mix of bloomed and buds.

You may want to stay away from the bouquets that are fully bloomed. Of course when you get flowers (let’s be honest the night before or day of) you want them to be as full and bright as possible, but you also want them to last past the weekend. Getting an arrangement that contain buds that are just beginning to open will allow your valentine to enjoy the flowers as long as possible.


  1. Skip the roses.

If you are on a budget, it’s okay to skip the classic roses. During this time of year, florists are paying twice as much as usual for them- ergo YOU will being paying more. There are many other flowers in season that are just as lovely like carnations, tulips, lilies, and if you want something out of the box try an orchid!


Whatever you pick out, from flowers to a card, remember it’s the thought that counts. Just by taking an extra minute to pick out the best flowers shows you care.


Happy Valentines Day!