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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. –– There are concerns over LivePD in Terre Haute. 

It’s the show that has become quite popular on TV in which cameras follow police officers as they respond to calls and broadcast them over live TV. NAACP of Terre Haute leaders believe the show is painting the city’s poorer community in a negative light.

NAACP members and several other community members got to discuss some concerns they have about the city’s contract with the show at a meeting with police chief Shawn Keen Monday night. 

“We’ll make mistakes because we are human,” Keen said. “But we’re going to learn from those mistakes. I got to hear a little bit more about their perspective on things. They got to hear a little more about mine.”

Keen said he understands the community’s concerns, but the show has it’s benefits. Keen said the show is bringing in much-needed money to the department, money they can use to purchase better equipment to keep both the public and officers safe. 

He also said recruitment is up since the city has been featured on the show. Since February 1st, the department has seen 167 new applicants, way more than they had this time last year.

“That puts us on pace to far exceed what we’ve gotten in the past,” Keen said of the recruitment numbers. “Now, I can’t directly attribute that (to the show), you’d have to look at a lot of other things to see the reasoning. But, I’m at least hopeful.”

Terre Haute has not been featured on Live PD as of late. A&E said the show normally follows a rotation of eight cities. Right now, Terre Haute is 9th in that rotation. Lawrence, Indiana, in Marion County, has also been featured on the show before.

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