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STATE WIDE--If you’re going to be near the water, the Dept. of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division reminds you to wear a life jacket. Capt. Bill Brown said you should also consider having a drowning safety conversation with your family.

“I keep telling people like jacket, life jacket, life jacket, when you’re in, on or around water. That is your safe proof right there,” said Brown, talking to Indiana Outdoors radio. “Very seldom are we getting drowning victims that have life jackets on. We have had them, but very seldom. Most of them don’t wear a life jacket at all and then find themselves in trouble.”

He said life jackets are not the old orange puffy things people used to wear. 

“If a person takes the time to research that a bit, they can find something they would wear. And, getting that item they will wear that will keep them safe on top of the water, that’s what we’re hoping people take time to examine,” said Brown.


A personal floatation device can be comfortable and stylish. He said getting the one you like and remembering to take it with you requires planning and forethought.

He said the DNR, Homeland Security, the Dept. of Child Services, the state Health Dept. and several other law enforcement agencies around the state have put together a report that can help you figure out scenarios to keep your family safe around the water.

Brown said you can go to the “Indiana DNR Law Enforcement website, click 2017 Drowning Prevention Report, print that thing off and have a real good conversation with your family.”