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GREENWOOD, Ind. — A Greenwood woman was killed by a falling branch while jogging on a trail at Eagle Creek Park last week.

Eagle Creek Park is on West 56th street in Indianapolis. 

Kathryne McCammon’s mother, Diane McCammon, says jogging was a part of a new phase for her daughter. She was a divorcee who was trying to rebuild her life – and had recently moved back to Indiana. Eagle Creek Park had become a place of refuge for her.

“She said you’d see some of the same people every day jogging and wave at each other,” Diane said. “She loved the park.”

Diane says her daughter was in the park last week when a sudden wind came up and she jumped under a tree at the wrong time.

A man found her with a branch on top of her, pulled it off, and tried to revive her with CPR – but it was too late.

“After she was killed I wanted to see where it happened so they took us back and we saw the tree,” Diane said. “It looked like a rotten tree to me.”

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department ruled Kathryne’s death an accident.

Diane said a parks employee told her there were dozens of dead trees in the park that they need to chop down eventually and she hopes something will be done in the near future to get rid of them, so the same thing doesn’t happen to someone else.

“That tree killed my daughter and there are people jogging past that tree on the fitness trail every day,” Diane said.