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Story by Network Indiana’s Darrin Wright

FT. WAYNE, Ind.–Four officers and an inmate from the Allen County Jail were hospitalized after being exposed to drug fumes inside the jail yesterday. 

Captain Steve Stone of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department said two officers were searching a jail cell when they found a towel covering a toilet. When they removed the towel, smoke and fumes started pouring out, making them and two other officers, who served as backup, all dizzy and nauseous. 

The female inmate inside the cell didn’t show any signs of sickness but she was also checked out by medical personnel. All five are in stable condition. Police say the fifth-floor cell had to be decontaminated by a Hazmat team. It was a similar situation to what happened at the jail last November, when 34 employees were exposed to fentanyl by an inmate. 

PHOTO: Thinkstock/Sanborn38