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FRANKLIN, Ind.  — A construction worker was beaten in Franklin after telling a driver to slow down in a work zone.

The worker was helping to pour concrete on Acorn Boulevard Monday morning when he and another worker were nearly hit by a speeding white car, reports The Daily Journal

The man told police that he yelled at the driver to slow down. The car drove down a nearby street and returned to the construction site about 10 minutes later.

The worker said he got into a verbal argument with the three teenage boys inside the car. The three boys then got out of the car and started punching him, he told officers.

He shoved the boys away but didn’t fight them off because they appeared to be teenagers, a police report said.

The worker escaped with cuts, bruises, and scrapes.

Franklin Police are still looking for the trio of attackers.

(Photo by 9comeback/Thinkstock.)