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Tony Katz has made his position clear; he isn’t a fan of Kim Jong-un and isn’t a fan of President Trump having a sit down meeting with him. Well, the summit happened and there is supposedly a vague agreement in place between Trump and Kim, but no details have gotten out. Hammer and Nigel brought Tony Katz into the studio to discuss what went down in Singapore.

“I think the fact that people don’t know what’s in the agreement is a good thing. It means we can’t have a spin on this. I normally like having all the information out there, but because nothing got out, the media can’t get an opportunity to spin this.”

There is so much to digest in this meeting. What concessions did each leader give up? What did they discuss? Will there be another meeting? Tony, Hammer and Nigel bring everything they know to the table to discuss.

“The most interesting moment in the Summit was Trump and Kim out at the presidential limo and Trump showed it to Kim Jong-un and there was this moment where it was almost like Trump was saying, ‘This could be yours.’”