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Millennials have high hopes for the future and their bank accounts, according to a recent survey. 

According to the study from TD Ameritrade, about half of people between the ages of 21 and 37 expect to eventually become millionaires.

The brokerage firm sponsored a survey earlier this year that asked roughly 1,500 American millennials at what age, if any, they thought they would officially earn that label. 53{cfb84e016942dcf263d6b9a2a965f97a80c7fce71c1cd317fd9df76d1fc43e08} of respondents said they believed they’d become millionaires in their lifetimes, with about 7{cfb84e016942dcf263d6b9a2a965f97a80c7fce71c1cd317fd9df76d1fc43e08} predicting it would happen by the time they turned 30, 19{cfb84e016942dcf263d6b9a2a965f97a80c7fce71c1cd317fd9df76d1fc43e08} by age 40 and 16{cfb84e016942dcf263d6b9a2a965f97a80c7fce71c1cd317fd9df76d1fc43e08} by age 50.

WIBC host Tony Katz wonders if millennials have the work-ethic to accompany the dream: