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CARMEL, Ind.–A new soliciting ordinance will go into effect in Carmel, but that ordinance will not include a “no-knock” proposal. 

Carmel City Council members were looking at a proposal in which Carmel residents who didn’t want solicitors coming to their home to register their address on the “no-knock” list. That would have worked similarly to the state’s “do not call” list. 

The ordinance will, however, not include the “no-knock” concept. Council members said there were too many questions about it. The main concern was about how to enforce it. 

Instead, the council voted to pass a revised version of the solicitor ordinance that removed the no-knock proposal.

Under this ordinance, Carmel police will do background checks on solicitors, something only Indiana State Police could do before. 

Any door-to-door vendors must get a license and pay for a criminal background check—including groups like the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts.