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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Separating children from their parents on the border should not happen, said Sen. Todd Young, a Republican and Indiana’s junior U.S. Senator. He’s co-sponsoring the Protect Kids and Parents Act, Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) bill to ensure illegal immigrant families are kept together and hearings are expedited.

“America can be a nation of laws while still being a nation of compassion. The current situation is the result of years of bad policies that have come to a boiling point, and now is the time to act,” said Young. 

“The Protect Kids and Parents Act will allow us to address the immigration backlog without separating families.”
The Protect Kids and Parents Act mandates that illegal immigrant families be kept together, speeds up the hearing process for cases with children, doubles the number of federal immigration judges, and authorizes new family shelters so that children can remain with their parents while cases are being processed.

PHOTO: Courtesy Todd Young