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BROWNSBURG, Ind. –– A Brownsburg woman who says her husband shot her eight times while she was trying to leave is sharing her story of domestic violence in an attempt to help others. 

Tiffany Bolin says the first signs of domestic violence in her marriage were subtle. 

“It started out as like, a controlling thing,” said Bolin. “What you can and can’t have on your phone, email account. I lived with it for a while and to me it just became normal.”

Eventually, she said she wasn’t allowed to text or use her email at all.

Then, the abuse started targeting her state of mind. 

“Emotionally tearing me down to where you think you need that person in order to survive.” 

It wasn’t until ten years into her marriage that the physical violence started. 

“When the prosecutor would call and ask me to testify I would refuse.”

On the morning of September 6, 2017, Bolin said she finally had enough.

Her youngest son was in the room when it happened. 

“When I told my 6-year-old son that we were getting our stuff and leaving, that’s when he reached down for the gun and shot me.”

She was shot eight times.

Her husband, Kenneth Bolin, has been charged in the shooting. His trial is next month. 

Bolin says one of the most important things she learned from her experience is that there is help out there, and before you leave a violent relationship you need to reach out and ask for it. 

“Call Sheltering Wings, call your police station, fire station, family, friends – just somebody that can help you out.”

Almost a year later, Bolin is still fighting to walk again, but she says she’s happy to be alive. 

“I wear my scars like a warrior because they remind me that I’m alive.”

Because of her injuries, Bolin needs a lightweight wheelchair, something Medicaid won’t cover the cost for so she’s trying to pay for that with donations. 

But the most important thing, to her, is that someone else doesn’t have to go through what she did. 

“I feel like if my story can save just one person’s life, then my job is done.”