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Let’s be frank: cows are tasty and vegans in France have lost their minds.

Butchers in France have asked the government for police protection from animal rights activists, claiming their security was being threatened and that vegans were trying to impose a meat-free lifestyle on the nation.

The French federation of butchers wrote to the interior minister saying shops had been sprinkled with fake blood and covered in graffiti. It claims that a growing media focus on veganism was threatening butchers’ safety. The letter goes on to address the concerns of 18,000 butchers in France regarding what it calls the “authoritarianism” of vegans seeking to impose their meat-free beliefs on others through “propaganda.”

So yes, vegans in France have lost their minds, and WIBC host Tony Katz – a proud carnivore –  decided to address the insanity surrounding the vegan movement during his afternoon show Wednesday. The result was a hilarious conversation between Tony and his producer, which later led to a phone call from an expert chef and former restaurant owner on how to properly good a steak. 

Click below to check it out; it’s the best thing you’ll hear all day: