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(Eric Baradat/Getty Images)

“Journalists have abandoned their ethics, and none of this would have happened in the old days.”

Those were the words of respected author and long-time giant in the field of journalism, Michael Walsh when asked by WIBC host Tony Katz to comment on the current state of the industry to which Walsh has dedicated his life.

Walsh, a current contributor at PJ Media, referred to the recent controversy surrounding Time Magazine’s Trump cover, which depicts an immigrant toddler bawling as Trump serenely looks down upon her. “Welcome to America,” the caption reads — the implication being that the immigrant girl had been torn from her parents at the behest of Trump’s policy. 

According to Walsh, there is a reason that American trust of the news is at such historic lows.


“The media has become so politicized that they will do whatever they need to do and by whatever means necessary to take down their political opponent. There are now complete subsidiaries of the Democrat party and the leftist movement, and all journalists should now be suspect, because they’re operatives – they’re not journalists.”

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