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In the midst of an extraordinarily busy news cycle, Mercedes Schlapp, White House Director of Strategic Communications gave an exclusive interview to WIBC host Tony Katz Friday.

The wide-ranging conversation with Schlapp covered the most prominent issues being discussed this week, including Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s announcement that he would be stepping down from the bench, and the anticipated battle against Democrats regardless of who President Donald Trump nominates as Kennedy’s replacement.

“The democrats know exactly the type of qualified nominee the President is going to nominate. He released his list during the 2016 campaign and provided that transparency to the American people because he knew that these Supreme Court nominees were an extremely important matter; he understands how crucial this is.

…In the meantime, the President has been meeting with Senators to seek their advice and ask their opinion on who they feel would be an appropriate choice as the nominee; however, it is ultimately going to be the President’s decision.

The  Democrats are in an absolute hysterical meltdown because they didn’t expect that Justice Kennedy was going to retire, and so they are now attempting to throw everything they can at it to stop this from happening.”

Schlapp also pushed back on recent criticism directed at the President’s proposed tariff’s. 

“Look, our economy has very strong fundamentals right now. Our GDP is approaching 4{cfb84e016942dcf263d6b9a2a965f97a80c7fce71c1cd317fd9df76d1fc43e08}, which is a number that they Democrats didn’t even think was possible. It is clear that the benefits of the tax cut are paying off in a very favorable way; the benefits are so strong.

When it comes to the tariffs, however, it is important to remember that the President inherited a disastrous situation with our trade agreements, and not only is the President a tax reformer, he is a trade reformer.

…We need to see reforms; we need to make tough decisions in order to set the economy and the backbone industries of our economy on a path of sustainability well into the future.”

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