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INDIANAPOLIS — A local priest has been found guilty on three counts in connection a violent attack on his wife in last September.

On Friday, a jury found Reverend Luke Reese guilty of criminal confinement with bodily injury, domestic battery, and battery resulting in bodily injury. 

He was found not guilty of criminal confinement where a vehicle is used and kidnapping where committed by using a vehicle.

Reese worked out of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church on Indianapolis’ south side. He was forced to step away from the pulpit on Sept. 27, 2017, after he disclosed that he was facing multiple domestic violence accusations against his wife. 

Reese is an ordained Anglican priest which means that unlike Catholic priests, he is allowed to be married. 

According to the probable cause affidavit, Reese said he discovered that his wife of 25 years was having an affair on Sept. 24. 

Reese found his wife and another man in a car together. He demanded the man get out of the car, and when he did not, Reese opened the door and kicked the man in the face, according to the court documents.  She got out of the car and into her own, then drove to a park as instructed by Reese, so they could talk.

She told police that the abuse lasted more than 18 hours and included a trip to Fort Wayne, where her family lives, where he told a relative that he “could have killed her.” Reese then drove back to their home in Indianapolis and ripped off her clothes so he could take nude photos of her which he threatened to show “everyone” at the church and online as punishment. 

(Photo by RTV6)