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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — The middle school student and teacher who were injured in the Noblesville West Middle school shooting last month will play a role in the 2018 Noblesville Fourth of July Parade.

Ella Whistler, 13, and science teacher Jason Seaman have both been named grand marshals for that parade, which is set for Wednesday at Noblesville High School at 4:30 pm.  The parade will also welcome all Noblesville West Middle School students, parents, teachers and staff to participate. The fireworks display at the parade is set for 10 pm. 

“On May 25, the Noblesville community was rocked at our foundation. Jason and Ella’s words and actions have assisted many dealing with the tragic event. As grand marshals, the community has the opportunity to show our love and support for them and everyone impacted as we continue to cope with the actions of that day,” said Noblesville Mayor Joe Ditslear. “The Seaman and Whistler families are humble and private people so we appreciate them accepting this role and leading our Fourth of July celebration.” 

“It’s a great reflection that the community wants Ella and me as grand marshals and that we are both physically able to participate,” Seaman said. “Noblesville continues to pull together to show we are one unified community.”

“It is an honor to be asked to be grand marshal for the Fourth of July,” added Whistler. “It’s very thoughtful and I’m honored to do it with Mr. Seaman.”

The parade will also include Noblesville West Middle School Nurse Megan Schlueter and Noblesville Police Department Officer Michael Steffan as guests of honor. 

“Megan and Officer Steffen played a pivotal role on May 25 and their quick actions saved lives,” said Ditslear. “They are unsung heroes so it will be wonderful to have them recognized by the Noblesville community as well.”

This year’s free festivities will take place on Wednesday, July 4 with the theme of “Stars and Stripes Forever in Noblesville.”

All Noblesville West Middle School students, parents, teachers and staff are invited to participate in the parade. Those that wish to participate need to arrive at the parking lot between Ivy Tech and the Noblesville Boys & Girls Club by 4 p.m. 

Whistler was shot 7 times by another student in that shooting. Seaman is credited for stopping that shooter, while also being shot 3 times.