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GREENWOOD, Ind. — Nearly three months after a fight broke out at a Sikh temple in Greenwood, 18 people have been charged.

The fight happened back on April 15th and injured nine people at the temple off Graham Road. One of those injured was a 13-year-old girl, says temple spokesman Gurinder Singh Khalsa.

Khalsa says he and the temple’s members applaud the charges being filed against those involved in the fight.

“Today is the day that justice has been delivered, kind of,” Khalsa said. “We are so thankful to the police department, who worked tirelessly, as well as the prosecutor.” 

The charges include disorderly conduct for all 18 charged, but two of those 18, 37-year-old Harpreet Singh and 25-year-old Amardeep Singh, have also been hit with battery resulting in bodily injury.

That’s because those two used mace and a board with nails in it during the fight.  

Khalsa says the fight started over who would be taking over leadership of the temple. 

“Every time it was a peaceful transition,” Khalsa added. “This time for the last two years, those who were in leadership roles refused to step down. Even thouh a majority of people were in favor of those who were supposed to take a leadership role.”