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STATE WIDE–The heat index for Independence Day and Thursday could reach 105. That’s enough to dehydrate you, perhaps without you even realizing it, said Dr. Tyler Stepsis, head of the Michael and Susan Smith Emergency Dept. at Enskenazi Health in Indianapolis.

“It’s easy for us to have a lot of heat buildup and water loss without even realizing it,” said Stepsis. “Most people think I have to be throwing up or having diarrhea to have a lot of volume loss and get dehydrated. Well, you can just be outside and doing normal daily activities.”

His advice, stay inside if you can, in the AC. Stepsis also said drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol. It doesn’t quench your thirst and makes you more susceptible to heat illness.

He said you should also check on elderly relatives and neighbors.

“They…are very susceptible to any changes in heat and it can cause a lot of problems, including heat stroke.”

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis